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Anchor's Away Boat Detailing is dedicated to providing quality cleaning services to boat owners in the Boston and Worcester MA areas. Whether you need an express quick cleaning before or after a day on the water, or a complete deep interior detail, our team is up for every job!

We guarantee to not only meet, but exceed your expectations and ensure your full satisfaction. We use safe and environmentally friendly cleaning practices, while making sure your boat looks and feels it’s best! Please contact us below to learn more about us, our company, or to schedule an appointment.

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Anchor's Away Boat Detailing is dedicated to providing high quality cleaning services to boat owners in the Boston / Worcester MA areas. Take a look at our package selections below. Please contact us with questions, individualized price quotes, or to schedule a cleaning.

Open & Closed Bow * Speed Boats * Cruiser Boats * Center Console Boats * Pontoon Boats * Sail Boats * Yachts * XL Boats * House Boats 


$75.00 Per Hour

  • Complete surface wipe down

  • Dirt and dust buildup removal

  • Glass and window cleaning

  • Carpet and floor cleaning

  • Carpet spot and stain removal

  • Clean, condition and polish wood

  • Polish all chrome and metal fixtures

  • Vinyl seat deep clean and conditioning

  • Deck deep clean

  • Complete cabin deep clean (bathroom/living quarters/storage compartments

* Receive 1/2 off your next cleaning when you refer a friend to us!

* Specific cleaning services, such as cabin or vinyl cleaning only, or concentration on certain areas also available upon request.


Boston, MA / Worcester, MA


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Boston, MA / Worcester, MA

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