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Contract Agreement Terms:

• I give permission to Anchor’s Away Boat Detailing to be on board my vessel listed above, on an agreed date and time.

• I understand that there is a 2-hour minimum detail cleaning time per appointment.

• I agree to pay a $190.00 deposit, equal to the first two hours of service to secure my appointment day and time. Any additional time worked will be invoiced “per crew member hour” at completion of job.

• I understand any additional cleaning balance is due at the end of the day of completed service. A late fee of $ dfollars per day will be added to unpaid invoices after 3 unpaid days.

• I understand that there is a 48-hour cancellation policy to receive my deposit refund, unknown inclement weather exception.

• I agree to make sure that my boat is safely accessible, with water and electric turned on the boat, unless other arrangements have been previously made. * I agree that the boat will be vacant from people and pets for safety.

• I agree that this will be the most fun boating season I have ever had!

 Service Areas: Rhode Island & Massachusetts​​​​  Licensed and Insured 

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